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Community Happenings:
12/04/07 (nukewave):
I am going to EALA studios tomorrow through friday for the Kane's Wrath community summit! I am very thankful to be offered this trip, and will do the best I can to relay the communities concerns and questions. Got a question or concern you'd like me to keep in mind when I'm talking to the developers?

11/30/07 (nukewave):
A new Gamespot preview is out showing off the Steel Talons GDI subfaction, along with videos showing off each unit! Best of all, the Titan and Wolverine from Tiberian Sun are back! You can also check out high resolution pictures of the Titan and Wolverine that were put up today!

Kane's Wrath preorder details are also now available. You get a lot of extras with the pre-order, including maps and videos, so be sure to check it out here!

11/29/07 (nukewave):
Battlecast Primetime Episode 3 is now available on the official CNC site in their new flash player. It loads extremely quick and is a very good episode. The new ask a developer segment premiered and will continue to be in episodes of the show. They also interviewed the new KW actors, as well as 2 major CNC3 matches. Check it out!

11/15/07 (nukewave):
Community manager Aaron APOC Kaufman has posted his second community commander blog, speaking mainly about the upcoming Kane's Wrath expansion pack.

Gamespot has a new GDI Subfaction Preview article up. 4 New screenshots for the expansion pack were also released on their site.

Gamereplays interviewed developer Jim Vessella about various aspects of Kane's Wrath, check it out here.

The November newsletter will be out soon, with new information on Kane's Wrath, so keep your eyes open!

11/09/07 (nukewave):
Three main things have recently happened in the CNC3 community.

First off, Community Manager APOC has returned to blogging with his first blog looking into the new changes to the battlecast website and much more! Check it out!

Command School Episode 2 has premiered! Check it out for brand new Scrin tips, as well as a new segment containing a risky strategy submitted by a player of the game! Learn how to submit your own strategies in the episode.

Lastly, APOC has updated the community on recent bannings. Up until now, over 200 players have been banned from the current ladder, some from the game. For all the latest details, check out this segment of APOC's IRON FIRST CONCERT.

11/01/07 (nukewave):
Battlecast Primetime Episode 3 has been released! This episode reveals the actors in CNC3, while bringing in the battlecast 5 and the various other features from previous battlecast episodes. The episode is exciting and has new Kane's Wrath info in it, so be sure to watch!

Have questions for the developers? Post them here for a chance to have them answered in future Battlecast Primetime Episodes!

Lastly, two of the thirty maps in Kane's Wrath have been posted. They are top down views of the maps so you can get a glimpse of what is to come in the expansion. Check them out here! Notice the snow!

10/26/07 (nukewave):
Patch 1.09 has been released! Download it when you try to log in to CNC3. This patch contains new maps, bug fixes, and many balance changes. Its a very large patch in terms of changes!

There is a new trailer up for Battlecast Primetime Episode 3, check it out here!

The official battlecast website has been revamped with many changes to enhance the overall experience. Check this post by APOC to get further insight on the changes.

And lastly, the official battlecast viewer has finally been released! This tool allows you to observe CNC3 matches or watch CNC3 replays without the game! You can download this hefty file here.

10/19/07 (nukewave):
Community manager Aaron Kaufman (APOC) has posted a patch 1.09 as well as some answers to reported bugs.

CNC3 Aftermath Episode 2 has been released, check it out over at CNCTV!

Here is a picture from the episode, showing off the return of Kane's Mask.

And finally, 8 new Kane's Wrath screenshots have been released, showing off A TON of new things, such as a GDI APC with a repair crane, firestorm defenses on GDI structures, Laser fences on Nod structures, new rail gun weapons all over the place, and much more!

10/14/07 (nukewave):
Some exciting news for everyone. Tactics school episode 1 has premiered. This is a short 5 minute episode that teaches various strategies while keeping everyone's attention span intact! Check out the episode here.

I have put up a new poll about the Scrin Seeker, so if you haven't voted in it yet, please do so here!

And last but not least, the patch 1.09 balance notes have been explained on the official CNC3 site. This is what EA community manager EA APOC had to say:

Hey guys,

Iíve just posted a new designer blog by our Lead Balance Designer Gavin ďEnderĒ Simon where he explains the strategic reasoning behind the hottest upcoming balance changes for Patch 1.09. Youíve been discussing and debating them on the message boards, now check out what Gavin has to say about all the arguments, and more about why we are doing specific changes. Itís a very interesting read and a type of blog which we have not done in quite a while. id=71#NewsMain"

Stay tuned for patch 1.09 to be released most likely this week.

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