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CNC Vision was created in April 2006 by nukewave (jsuh0107 AKA Jeff Suhr AKA me). I post in the official forums a lot about various topics. I noticed that people on the official forums were just loaded with a lot of interesting ideas, and we wanted a way to get all of these ideas organized. I created CNC Vision just for this. The old site had all of the different ideas sections (that you can find now on the CNC Vision forums) on the left side of the site. Users would email me the ideas and I would post them. I ended up receiving so many ideas that it became and endless job to put all of them onto the website. I recreated the site to what it is now so that users could submit their ideas to the forums, so that they would appear instantly. This made it easier for everyone. The purpose of the site is to allow people to share their ideas with each other, as well as with the EA Development team. Polls on the site gather intel on heated topics as to what the community wants, and results are sent to EA. The ideas on this site can also apply to any expansion pack EA plans to make, so do not think it is too late to submit ideas. They are watching, and it has been shown several times (making tiberium smaller, adding in blue tiberium, etc. all because of fan feedback). So please, submit any ideas you have, vote in the polls, and spread the word about CNC Vision!

Thanks goes to:
Chicken Dippers for helping to create the forums and theming them.
General Silos for always helping me out.
Azerael for his contributions including site layout and songs.
Anyone that has participated in any competitions.
Creators of the forum banners.
Anyone that submitted link buttons for me to use.
Ekklitz for ideas from "The Fans CNC" website.
Daeas for creating the only ideas thread that actually lasted on the official forums (good job).
Everyone on the official forums that creates good idea threads.
Everyone that has submitted ideas! And anyone that supports and has helped me.

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Please do not email me ideas, post them in the forums! If you are contacting me about affiliation, please go here. I am always open to receive any suggestions or thoughts anyone has, so if you would like to contact me, then please go ahead!